Funnel Maker Plugin 

Main Features

Works Perfectly with WordPress, DIVI Builders & Other themes like Avada

Mobile Optimize

Works on All Devices

Fully customizable with colors

Fully customizable with font sizes

Fully customizable with background colors

Fully customizable with placeholders

Grow your Business with

Advertising Hacker’s CRO Plugin

Spending money is key to making money, but you don’t have to spend more to get more leads.

Yes, you got it right! You can increase leads without needing to increase your budget.

How is this possible?

We’ve created a plugin that does just that!

Getting Help

Not too techie? We can set it up for You

How it Works

Follow 6 Easy Steps to Start Building Converting Systems


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Start Building, Converting Systems


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End Users

Perfect for….







….and small businesses that need to increase their Converstion Rate

More Features

Coming Soon

Integrated with zapier

Integrated with google

White label

and many more….


See What is Included

Single Inputs

Yes or No Formats

Bar Drag

First Name

Zip code



Multi Inputs

True or False Formats

Text Box

Last Name

Text Area

Phone number


What Can You Get From Our CRO Plugin?

Ordinary opt-in plugins are just that, plain and unremarkable. They lack vibrancy, seem outdated, and often fall short in delivering substantial results (unless you’re ready to dig deep into your pockets!).

Typically, these plugins offer basic form options and standard quizzes, resulting in predictable outcomes. Not to mention, your visitors (or anyone for that matter) aren’t thrilled about filling out mundane forms or tackling uninteresting quizzes.

Now, what sets our Opt-In Plugin apart?

Our plugin is all about customization! It functions seamlessly across all devices and is perfectly optimized for mobile. And unlike the run-of-the-mill Opt-In plugins, ours is fully adaptable – you have complete control over colors, text fonts, font sizes, and background hues. By doing just this, you’re already standing out from your competition (but hold on, there’s even more in store for you!).